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View all SSL games on SSL.se!

25 september 2020 14:00

The Swedish Super League is about to start its season - and its possible for our international followers to watch all the games online at SSL.se!

Welcome, all our international followers! On a subpage on SSL.se you can view games from SSL, both Live and On Demand.

To be able to view the games, you must create an account using your e-mail address and an optional password. This can be done in the video player for one of the games on the subpage.

A subscription to view all games from SSL, both Women and Men, costs EUR 28.5 per month. The subscription can be terminated at any time. If you wish, it is possible to buy a single game for EUR 13.5.

Read more on the "View SSL online" subpage

Please note: Viewers in Sweden can only view the games on SportExpressen Play (read more)